WOMEN and innovation of the Pardubice region

Role models 

Four women, four different life stories, four professions. Some were born in the Pardubice region, others got here to study or work. But today, they all have one thing in common. They live and work happily in the Pardubice region with their families and they would definitely not change a thing about this place. They are the ones who form the Great Pardubice region. Have a look at their life stories and find out what they like the most about our region.

Innovation is not just for men

Chemical-technology industry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, science and research – thousands of women work in all these sectors nowadays and not only in the Pardubice region. And we benefit from that. Thanks to them, their ideas and work, we are among the world leaders in the field of innovation and development. You certainly shouldn’t be afraid of taking a similar route and become a part of the team. Take a look at the Map of Schools.


Are you interested in what companies operate in the Pardubice Region? Take a look at the Business Map.