Great CHEMISTRY from the Great region

Chemistry helps in medicine, but that’s not everything 

When it comes to chemistry, most of us probably imagine samples, test tubes and workers in white coats. That’s essentially what chemistry looks like but what matters is mostly what it produces. In the Pardubice region, we develop and produce hydrogels, medicinal nanofibers, special adhesives or sealants which will, for example, help you during construction or various repairs. Our hyaluronic acid is not only used in cosmetics, but is becoming more popular in various fields today. Let MenT show you how our chemists shift the world of science.

Chemistry allows us to explore the world

If that is true, then we can confidently say that here in the Pardubice region we explored and understood the world quite well. Our chemical-technological industry is world-class and is full of exceptional individuals. After all, on average we file 96 patents a year here only in the field of nanofibers and research into the effects of hyaluronic acid.


Do you want to know which chemistry-oriented companies are located in the Pardubice Region and what exactly they produce? Take a look at the Business Map.