TEXTILE with added value

Ester’s wardrobe

Did you know that the overalls of a two-time Olympic gold winner were sewn in the Pardubice region? And also that a special t-shirt with the anti-stick and stain properties was developed here? No? That is why MenT will guide you through everything the textile industry in the Pardubice region brings to the world. There’s so much interesting stuff and you can also find out where you can study a special university course focused on textile production.

We create the future in clothing

The textile industry in the Pardubice region benefits from its rich history. Quality and innovation – those are the keywords here. We create special textiles and clothing, the demand of which is spreading throughout the entire world. Why, you ask? Because only a few are able to produce such a wide range of non-flammable, antifreeze, antistatic or antibacterial textiles.


Do you want to know which textile companies are located in the Pardubice Region and what exactly they produce? Take a look at the Business Map.