Electrical engineering can be your future 

Wondering where you will work one day? Do you want to produce sophisticated technologies for armies around the world? Or are you interested in air traffic and its management? How about robots and artificial intelligence? Yes? In that case, electrical engineering is a clear choice for you. Take a look at the video and MenT will show you how world-class electrical inventions and products are being made in the Pardubice region. Also, you’ll get to know where you can study the specific branches and sciences.

Electrical engineering in the Pardubice region

The Pardubice region is not just about gingerbread, hockey or horse racing. It is also a region full of amazing companies and a nest of the electrical engineering industry. For example, we manufacture our own robots, our elevator systems can be found in the tallest buildings in the world, and air transport is controlled by technologies from our region. You may also have our circuit breakers and fuses at home. And what are we best at? Certainly our radar technology and passive safety systems, which are being exported worldwide.


Do you want to know which companies deal with electrical engineering in the Pardubice Region and what exactly they produce? Take a look at the Business Map.