The home of RESEARCH and INNOVATION projects

Only we can do this 

MenT will show you what innovations we are mostly proud of. Air traffic control systems from the Pardubice region guard the sky almost all over the world. We produce the best hyaluronic acid and we regularly come up with new ideas on how to use it not only in healthcare and cosmetics but other branches as well. An ordinary T-shirt from Asia cannot compete with our smart clothes which are hydrophobic and dirt and stain resistant. And that’s not all. So come take a look.

The future of the Pardubice region lies in the hands of innovation

If we want to keep up with the times, we must focus on research and innovation. Here in the Pardubice Region, we are quite aware of this so our goal is to make the region an innovation center for the entire world. We are already doing well in many industries today: textile production, engineering, transport, chemical industry… Our innovative products and modern technologies reach far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.


Are you interested in which specific companies work in innovation and research in the Pardubice Region? Take a look at the Business Map.