Mechanical engineering is no longer hard labor

What comes to mind when they say mechanical engineering? Hard and strenuous work? You’re quite off with this one actually. Today, mechanical engineering is more about precision, the ability to work with computer-controlled production machines and also about the automation of the entire production process. Working in this field no longer requires strong muscles, liters of sweat and restlessness. Have a look at the video and MenT will take you through the world of modern engineering and transport in the Pardubice region.

We robotize production all over the world

Engineering and transport have a really rich history in the Pardubice region. After all, we are an important railway junction and also thanks to this the products of our companies get delivered to places all over the world. For example, companies from our region help with production process robotization in China or the USA. We work on the development of textile machines and produce domestic hydroponic systems. And as of the mentioned railway, you will often find goods from our region there as well, such as security and diagnostic systems.


Do you want to know which mechanical engineering companies are located in the Pardubice Region and what exactly they produce? Take a look at the Business Map.